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Balloonz Pop Lite HD

4.5 ( 3485 ratings )
游戏 娱乐 아케이드 가족
开发 Snapshot Apps Pty Ltd

Balloonz Pop Lite gives you a test run of the latest in balloon popping arcade fun. Start out simple and keep the pace as the balloonz rise faster and more numerously.

Red balloonz need just one pop, blue balloonz turn to red, while green and yellow balloonz can hit you like the crazy they are. Watch out for black balloonz of death, they reduce your points and set you back 150 big ones.

You are given 3 lives and its up to you to pop every colored balloon that comes your way. Dont give up just keep on popping those balloonz for a chance to rank high on the top 10 leader board. Good luck and get popping.

Enjoy this intro to Balloonz Pop with 7 warm up levels. Buy the full version for more balloon popping awesomeness.